The current detector for your boat

Monitor from our eallora app if there is power on your boat. VOLT detects when there is a power failure and when it is restored, without the need for WiFi, Bluetooth or installation, thanks to Sigfox IoT connectivity.

You will find the application for free on the App store or Google Play.

No. The VOLT is a ready-to-use device. Just plug it in wherever you want and link it to the app to receive notifications on your phone.

Anywhere! If you have a second home where you don’t have WiFi installed, garage, business etc… you can plug it in. 

Low Power Wide Access Technology

SigFox has created a new, innovative wireless communication protocol that provides all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of its predecessors: excellent range and security, very low power consumption, low complexity and total control of ownership. This is accomplished by employing an Ultra Narrow Band wireless technology, operating in the 868MHz license-free ISM band, resulting in a long-range communication, with very low energy consumption, while maintaining a simple and scalable star-based cell infrastructure. The Low Power Wide Access technology designed by SigFox addresses the growing market of Internet-of-Things applications and their particular requirements. It is the ideal solution for any connected-application requiring simplicity-of-use, a contained cost and low energy consumption, with the added benefits of excellent security, scalability and support for mobility.

Able to bring disruptive innovation in every sector of society.

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the next step towards the digitization of our society and economy, drawing to merge physical and virtual worlds. With IoT potentially every physical object, from sensors to everyday objects, will be interconnected through communication networks and able to gather, interpret, communicate and eventually react to information shared with other objects in the network.

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VOLT is very simple!

Ready to use

It works without WiFi or SIM

Long lasting battery

Easy and free app

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