Pine Grove is an IoT marketplace to distribute solutions, products and devices for the IoT industry and in particular those based in Sigfox technology. The Solutions offered by Pine Grove, based on the LPWA, will always have the following innovative features:

Total autonomy, with no need for connection to the electrical grid. The objects will always be available to move and to be positioned in any place as required by the customer.

Long life. Most of the devices will last for some years, according to the service to be provided (from 1 or 2, to 5 or even 10 or more years), with no need of being recharged, unless those related to recurrent GPS tracking.

No Sim card or WiFi needed. The Solutions are based in LPWA public networks, with no dependence on traditional intermediate elements or complicated protocols, with terrific simplification of service provisioning.

End-to-end (E2E). All elements of the Solutions are included in the offer: device, connectivity, app or platform, and also our customer service. The price will cover all of them, without need of additional fees, for the period covered by the Solution.

Low cost. The Solutions are tailor-made and enjoy of all ingredients to be really cheap: extremely cheap radio modules and other component of the device vis-a-vis other technologies; low cost of connectivity in anual basis, with no recurrent fees; dedicated, simple apps or platforms to focus in the delivery of the service coming from the Solution, with no additional complications.

Pine Grove will also take care of the post-sales service to be provided to the end user for each Solution. In this regard, Pine Grove has already introduced systems and tools to monitor and manage the customer service and care for each Solution. Pine Grove will be the market contact point to report tickets and/or incidences with regard to devices, networks or systems to those entities (manufacturers, operators, system integrators or others) providing them.

Moreover, Pine Grove has developed its own supporting systems in two particular fields, among others:- Onboarding. Dynamic Onboarding Tool (DOT), to properly monitor the setup and performance for each unit in place, to guarantee a long-term stable and efficient service.

- Service availability. Dynamic Service Tool (DST), to verify, even before the purchase, the service availability in the place or places where the Solution should work, to validate the efficient service provision